Current Projects

Our client has a mandate to sell an insurance company in the Philippines. Based on 2016 audit FS, total assets of P481.7M and total equity of P288.5M. Employee count of 8,120 managerial and 61 non managerial. 14 branches – 8 in Manila and 3 each in Luzon and Vistas. Agency force of 600. Premium income distribution of 70% individual life insurance and 30% group insurance.

We welcome interested corporate buyers.




Opportunity to invest into a Fund which is setup to invest, directly or indirectly, into the development of an oil storage terminal complex in Southeast Asia.

The expected investment horizon is not longer than 36 Months and exit strategy is via trade sale(s) on an International Stock Exchange.  The construction of the Terminal is expected to commence in the 2nd half of 2017 with completion scheduled in 2020.

– Located within the world’s 2nd busiest oil transit point.

– All land usage and key permits have been acquired.

– Highly experienced sponsors and Singapore-based EPC contractor who has more than 50 years’ track record in building and construction of offshore marine and energy infrastructure.

– Minimum US$ 5 million (increase in an integral multiple of US$1 million.

– Charter life 7 years (extendable for up to 2 consecutive additional 1 yr extensions)

– IRR>20%

A large corporation with registered Capital of RMB 120m mainly engaged in oil and gas drilling, engineering services, special drilling technology services and energy conservation. They have just obtained a contract with a Malaysian state-owned oil field construction in Pre-IPO stage and have revealed the latest prospectus on May 26, 2014. The company is expected to be listed in 2016. Our client is looking for DCM or corporate lending.


We are looking for infrastructure projects, equity buy-out , operating asset, solar, windfarm, syngas, airport, natural gas.

We also looking for TMT, consumer and medical projects.

Our investors are large corporates and they are interested in engaging local partners for the project.

Our investors are from South East Asia, Europe, North America, China and Australia.

A chinese enterprise with a leading wind power brand, our client is one of China’s 500 fortune; they have finished 2061.45MW installed capacity that produced 4.5 billion KWH electricity. In 2013, they finished 786.7MW and produced 1.7 billion KWH electricity and ranked 8th in China. In 2013, their income was 2.5 billion RMB and will reach 3.5 billion RMB this year. They are building the wind power in North Europe, Romania, and Sweden. We are looking for a local partner for them and welcome a northern European CPA firm, local bank, and other local parties to discuss.

Our client’s original registered capital was $ 30 million in July 2008. The shareholders added new investments of $ 29,094,100 increasing the registered capital from $ 30 million to $ 59.09 million. Macau company invested $ 22,085,900, accounting for 37.38%. Another company invested $37,004,100, accounting for 62.62%.Business Scope: the establishment of administrative, financial, contract engineering, development, security and other five departments, management employees have 28 people; toll station have more than 200 employees. This is the first highway BOT project, it  is one of the regional key construction project in ” fifth” period. Projects officially approved starting since October 2004. February 6, the completion of opening of trial operation in 2007, the operation period is 2034.Since opening, fees remained stable with increasing growth. The fees in 2011 are 160 million yuan, in 2012 are 204 million yuan and 252 million yuan in 2013.  In year 2014, it is expected to increase to nearly 300 million yuan. The total investment of the project is 1.8 billion yuan, the assets of toll right is 3.4 billion yuan. Existing projects have long-term bank loans of 900 million yuan and 200 million yuan.Trust financing is 81.96 million yuan.

*AAA lease covenant to the UK Government

*Total net area of approximately 112,274 sq ft (10,430.6 sq m) including court, office and ancillary accommodation arranged over lower ground, ground floor and seven upper floors.

*Long dated income secured to the undoubted covenant of the UK Government for a further 23 years.

*Passing rent of £4,789,116 equating to £41.76 per sq ft*overall, subject to fixed uplifts of 2.5% per year.

*The vendor is proposing to top up the rental income until 2018 to £5,286,288 per year.

*Presents a scarce opportunity to provide a long term redevelopment site and significantly increase site massing.

*Offers are sought in excess of £145 million for the freehold interest, reflecting a net initial yield of 3.45% and a capital value of £1,291 per sq ft, assuming purchaser’s costs at 5.8%. A purchase at this level would reflect an average running yield of 4.24% and a reversionary yield of 5.51%.

*Not  with any agent.

*£145M- LOI and NCNDA declaring the buyer will get data room, if the client is visually capable.

Our client is a leading asian bank  guarantees their central enterprise large corporation is seeking interbank corporation of 10 billion RMB at rate of 4.0-4.5% with five years relationship for building railways, port, and other infrastructure projects. We welcome structure finance treasury. Financial market senior executive contact from none Chinese banking or other FA. Ask for details.

Our client is one of the railway operating company in United States. The freight railroad division strategically acquires short line and regional railroads,with revenues in the range of 2MUSD to 10MUSD annually. The management estimates that there are 33 regional and 534 short-line local railroads in United states,representing an estimated 3.7billion segment of railroad indutry. The company is seeking a financial partner for one of their late stage discussion with an entity who is negotiating the purchase of an initial fleet of 1440 rail cars,in the future,available opportunity for equity is 4M-5M USD.


retail property

Midtown Hotel

Total NOI is about $5.5mm. At a price of $159 Mm it is a 3.9 cap.
* Pricing for one hotel is less than $940 psf and the other is less than $1,190 psf which is significantly below replacement cost (estimated total development cost today is at least $1,700 psf).
* Both hotels underwent renovations about a year ago and are in excellent condition.
* Both hotels have enjoyed 95% occupancy levels for the past several years.
* Both hotels will be delivered unencumbered by management or brand.
NOI would be $6.5mm with no license fee of $1mm on one hotel. Hotels will be delivered free of management and brand.
* There is significant upside for many reasons that we can discuss.

We are Direct
$479 per key. So about $85 each. 4% cap.
To sell it separately this is the price
182 X $ 93 millions
171X $ 88 millions
Not accurate. See below.
NYMA is 171 rooms and 80,185 sf. LQ is 182 rooms and 64,577 sf with 4,543 sf of unused additional air-rights which would be perfect for penthouse.
This is a very off the market Deal if you are interested it must be quick and quiet there is a window here , must register your buyer here with the seller !